We have over 20 years of casting experience to the design and manufacture of our decorative architectural, traffic and security steel and cast iron bollards.

Our metal models include cast ductile iron, light-weight aluminium and steel bollards; these are excellent alternatives to plastic, concrete, cement and wooden models. Our metal bollards are made from recycled metal, so they also provide opportunities for today’s sustainable design and green building projects.
Our architectural, security, traffic and decorative bollards, as well as our bollard covers and post sleeve products are easy to install, they have a long, low-maintenance service life, and they are readily available from stock when you need.
Most of our models can be installed as removable bollards when they must be removed easily or frequently.
We have Bollards available to satisfy all design styles and construction needs;

* Downtown Revitalization
* Urban Renewal
* Security Post Covers
* Force Protection
* Urban Traffic and Vehicle Control
* Bike Storage Solutions
* Landscape Structures
* Barriers & Barricades
* Green Design
* Sustainable Building Products
* Ornamental Pipe Bollard Sleeves
* Pedestrian Security
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